IATEFL Birmingham 2016: MaWSIG pre-conference event

As part of the MaWSIG committee, it’s great to see participants like Sandy and Lizzie enjoying our events, and blogging about them so thoroughly!

Sandy Millin

This year’s MaWSIG (Materials Writing Special Interest Group) pre-conference event was based around comparing print and digital publishing.

Lizzie Pinard documented the whole thing in four parts on her blog, so I’m going to cheat and give you links to them instead of writing my own summaries. I can’t really add anything she hasn’t already said! 🙂

Links on ‘parts’ will take you to Lizzie’s blog, links on names will take you to blogs or profiles of the speakers.

  • Part 1
    Ceri Jones – Same but different
    Talking about how you have to approach the same learning outcomes in different ways depending on whether you are writing for print or digital, and raising the question of how to include freely productive tasks in self-study courses
    Genevieve White – Adapting ELT materials: how to digitise a print course
    Talking about her experience of having to adapt print courses to work online. We…

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