With the exception of the first one, these recommendations were originally posted to my LinkedIn profile.

“The editors have been absolutely delighted with the training so a huge thank you for making them so enjoyable as well as informative. Of course we’ll be delighted to ask you again, that goes without saying!”
Sharon Jervis, Director of Development, Global ELT, Cengage Learning

“Karen provided her Project Management services for a complex digital project. She oversaw a dispersed editorial team and worked with schedules that were continually being revised as a result of the offshore development team.
Karen dealt with a highly unpredictable project with professionalism and good humour. She ensured that the editorial team was always engaged and made sure that the Project Sponsors were fully updated at every step. Her organisational and scheduling skills were pivotal in keeping the project on track, as well as her ability to adapt to the changing needs of the Project Board.
I would highly recommend Karen as a Project Manager for your digital projects.”
Tim Gifford, Co-founder of ELTjam

“Karen has been working on various projects for Cengage/National Geographic Learning over the past few years and has always been considered a highly-valued member of the team. I was lucky enough a couple of years ago to start working directly with Karen when she was commissioned as Project Manager for the British English adaptation of our new global primary series Our World. From day one Karen was fantastic! We were constantly liaising with our US teams and working around shifting schedules and different time zones, but Karen made everything seem manageable. She worked (and reworked!) schedules continuously, suggested smoother workflows, brought in some incredible producers and freelancers and generally mentored and supported the inhouse team. She went above and beyond her original PM remit to ensure the project progressed and that the inhouse team felt confident of making extremely tight deadlines and bringing the project in under budget. Without Karen’s fantastic work on this project, dedication and incredible patience, it would have been a much more difficult and painful process.
It goes without saying that I would happily work with Karen on projects going forward and cannot recommend her highly enough to any other team (although would rather selfishly prefer not to!). In addition, Karen also provided some inhouse editorial training last year. The teams thoroughly appreciated her well-created training sessions and packs, and the relaxed manner in which Karen hosted the training.”
Natalie Roberts, Commissioning Editor, Cengage Learning

“Karen was the Project Manager on a versioning job I did between May and August. She was a meticulous manager of every detail; clear in her communications; thorough in her follow-ups; and consistently supportive throughout this project of many moving parts and challenging deadlines. I would have full confidence signing up for any future project with Karen White at the helm.”
Eunice Yeates, ELT Materials Writer